Thursday, April 26, 2012

Work in Progress not Wednesday

I had intended to post yesterday, but it's been a crazy week. Really no more chaotic than usual, but it felt like the chaos was a steady stream rather than small bursts.

The bean is now a walker! It's been very exciting, but of course adds a new level of crazy to the mix. It's also an end to babyhood in our house which I find a bit sad.

I talked to my mother this week. We have a very strained relationship and this was our first chat in nearly a year. It wasn't quite bad, but I'm not rushing to make this a regular thing either.

As the school year heads into the final stretch the boys have various activities we end up shuttling between and then I have the regular, cooking, cleaning, and running of my business.

This morning was filled with excitement as I woke up at 2am and found something flying around my room. I originally thought it was a moth and that the quiet, dark, and my hardly conscience state made the whooshing sound louder than it was, then it came careening towards my head. A BAT! Yes, a bat, had somehow infiltrated my home and was whirring around my room. I pulled the blanket over my head and crawled out of the room with the baby hidden under my protective quilt. After settling the baby in the living room I decided that surely the many episodes of Billy the Exterminator had made me qualified to rid myself of my new house guest. I donned my blanket again, feeling a bit like Harry Potter under a cloak of invisibility. I debated getting a bat or other object, but since my plan was meerly to slink in and open a window, so he could find his way out I wagered I didn't need it. I couldn't see or hear him. He must have settled somewhere, I pulled back the curtain and out he springs. Ack! I screamed like a little girl and dropped to the ground he was a slight ways away from me on the ground and I should have pulled it together enough to throw a box over him or something instead I sat with the blanket tented around me praying it would fly the other way so I could sneak through the adjoining closet and out via the boys' room, which I did. Checked on the bean who was happily playing with a puzzle; apparently this is fun time for the 1 year old. Cracked open the bedroom door to spy on the bat who had hung himself from the shelf and seemed to be getting cozy. I had already talked myself out of calling my uncle to come rescue me and decided that it might be time to declare a temporary draw while the troops (meaning I) get some rest and regroup. I cautiously reached through and pulled the pack n play out of my room, so the bean could go back to sleep and shut the little flying bugger in. Come morning he had found a new place to hide and it rook some hunting to capture him. This I left to my uncle as he has animal experience. And apparently the light of day makes me less brave. I am willing to co-exist with creatures of the night, but I refuse to be roommates, unless he's willing to cover his share or the rent, well maybe... I will cautiously be sleeping in my own bed tonight. And instead of working on my many projects I will be taking a nap this afternoon.  

You may be wondering what I'm working on.

3 baby blankets that are cut and need sewing.

This cardi that just needs the edging finished (okay, yes, it's for me):

This head that will become a super cute waldorf doll(not for me):

I also have a couple shirt designs to finish tweaking, and several more important blogs to write. One on the importance of handmade and a couple tutorials involving quinoa and pail liners, though not at the same time. The days are hardly long enough.  


  1. Suuuch a lovely cardi! And don't apologize - if I were making such a cute thing, I'd keeo it for myself, too! :)

    Did you get another visit from the bat?
    I had a similar episode some years ago, with a hornet. I was terrified, hid under my blanket, but it found its way out. Phew...

  2. Yes, the bat dropped in on us again last night. Even after sealing all the interior openings we could find. We have no idea where he's coming from. Surley there are better hunting grounds than my bedroom?! Thanks, I did several rounds on the edge last night, so the end is in sight. I love the colorway!