Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday - Pleated Crib Skirt

It's been a little nutty, store wise this past week. I had a couple rush orders that threw my schedule off, but I pulled it out. It's a little stressful working against a deadline, but it's so satisfying once the packages are on the way to their new homes.

A friend asked to have this for her son's birthday. We're crossing our fingers the post to Germany doesn't take too long. I don't usually do licensed character stuff, but this was special circumstances.

These tutu sets are one of my biggest sellers. They take a bit more work than most of my items, but it's always special to be a part of a deployment or homecoming for the families who order from me. I've never put one together as quickly as I had to do this one, but I know what it'll mean to the family.

 A girlfriend of mine is due soon with her first girl. Having a gaggle of boys myself I understand her excitement and I was happy to help when she asked me to help with her bedding by making a crib skirt. I started with this tutorial here, by request. I usually try to wing it, but I liked having the measurements already there. I cut a 5" strip to make the pleat in a coordinating fabric. This means that I also had to split my side panels in two and add extra for seams, so I had 4 pieces that were 26" long and 4 that were 17". I had a 14.25" length because that's all the fabric we had to work with.

Cut pieces

I then pieced them together. I also had to piece together one of my longer striped panels due to a fabric shortage, but it all worked out.
One pieced panel

Once pieced together I just finished the instructions as written. I got lucky and had an old crib shirt that I cut up to use for the center base piece.

All done! I'm only slightly jealous I don't have a reason to keep this for myself. :p It turned out super cute. The turkey's toddler bed is lower to the ground and wider than a crib, but it works for picture purposes. Man I married is pretty handy and whipped that up one afternoon. It's super sturdy. One of these days I plan to paint it. You can see where the turkey has already started for me with a little nail polish and pen.

I enjoy sharing these little updates of what I've been working on, so I hope you like reading them.



  1. That crib skirt is adorable.

  2. The crib skirt turned out super cute! Glad you were able to understand my instructions ok, and thank you so much for sharing your finished product with me.